Stirred up: Teaching lessons and paying for mistakes


Do I really need to start on the difference between using “I” and “me”? Do I need to go on a one-woman crusade to shake the confusion on this matter out of people’s stubborn heads?

Certainly, I have to teach people lessons and learn them myself sometimes. The other day I "taught" a baking course in the office. The resulting baked goods were relatively successful. I hope most people learned the difference between stirring and stabbing.

I wish I could teach the local post office employees how to do their jobs. I swear that even without training, I would be better at it than they are. And yes, according to their arbitrary misinterpretation of the rules, I have paid for my mistakes.

It's vacation time for me, meaning that my baking (and probably this blog) is on hiatus. Celebrating Thanksgiving with friends and doing a lot of baking leading up to that (but I usually only post recipes here when I have taken the finished product to the office).

See you again soon!

2 thoughts on “Stirred up: Teaching lessons and paying for mistakes


    That is funny ! Do you have a simple recipe for a white cake or just an easy cake? I need to bake a birthday cake for my grand daughter on Saturday Dec 12, she will be 2, so I don't need anything fancy.

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