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If curiosity is tapping you on the shoulder, the cookies I baked to take to the seminar (have I mentioned yet how glad I am to be finished with that seminar for another year?) were: brownie cookies, Daim/toffee cookies, lemon cookies (and these fooled someone — they look like plain sugar cookies, so if you don’t know they are lemon when you bite into them, you could be in for a tart surprise), M&M cookies (apparently very popular with some colleague’s kids), white chocolate pistachio cranberry biscotti (the original recipe does not call for white chocolate. I just started using white chocolate bars I had on hand for some reason) and Anzac biscuits.

Despite having done this, my brain is whirring, wondering what I could bake now. Maybe more Daim cookies since I still have a bunch of crushed Daim candy from the last batch. Maybe more brownie cookies since I have never taken them to the office where my team of lab rats can test them. Maybe something entirely new and different.

I feel that I may have too much to do, though, workwise, in which case I cannot justify taking time to bake now.

I just finished proofreading a 140-page document for the City of Reykjavík, which I have been hammering away at (minus the two or so hours in which I ate breakfast, organized some mail and went to the post office and grocery store — you know, to mail some cookies off to eagerly waiting parties and to buy more ingredients to make new cookies) since 5 this morning.

These exercises taught me that I will always have one problem in life (other than the big one, which is never enough time to do everything I want, which is a universal problem)… yes, that problem, no matter how old I get, how long I live, how much money I have is… I never have enough stamps. Seriously, why is postage such a central issue in my life?

In related news, my wishful-thinking-for-spring CD mix has begun to be distributed by mail. If you’re one of the lucky ones with whom I have postal contact, expect yours soon.

Every day teaches us something new, whether it is that one can never have too many postage stamps or that a seminar meant to motivate does little more than demoralize. I have learned my lesson. Again.

Soundtrack du jour: J-L MuratL’héautontimoroumenos” (Murat musical interpretations of Baudelaire.)

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