Weekly baking plans and daily soundtrack


Music: Breathe Owl Breathe — “Own Stunts”. A song before bed. I have been listening to this as my brain has been winding down (and it is on a mix I have in my car for those middle-of-the-night drives to Oslo). I like it more and more.

Food: My baking plan for la semaine:

*Lemon-poppyseed shortbread sandwich cookies with lemon creme filling
*Daim cookies
*Anzac biscuits
*White chocolate macadamia cookies (everyone’s favorite)
*Pine nut and tart cherry biscotti (new recipe)
*Brownie cookies (only the second time I will be making this — will get and post pics this time)
*Maple sandwich cookies (new recipe)
*Peppermint patties (new recipe)

Maybe others. Depends on time and motivation.

Book: L’egoiste romantique by Frédéric Beigbeder. I have been reading this since a year ago. I got 20 pages in last year at the annual sales seminar but did not have time for reading. I packed the book up when I moved (a week after the seminar) and did not see it again until just before this year’s seminar. Determined to finish, I brought it along. Although I got further (60 pages or so), I still did not finish, but I am still making strides. Someone at the seminar saw me with the book and asked, “Do you read French?” Innocent comment, meant to make conversation I suppose, but do people normally sit around pretending to read books they cannot actually read?

Film: De helaasheid der dingen. (The Misfortunates or La merditude des choses). Finally got around to watching. Recommended.

Injury report: I just figured out where all these mysterious bruises on my stomach and sides came from! The culprit is my hula hoop, which is supposed to be fun — not abusive!

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