sweet and disgusting and the abusive hands of the hula hoop


Have you ever experienced powerful waves of finding something sweet and disgusting at the same time? (And no, I am not referring to a deep-fried Twinkie or Mars bar.) Not long ago I was overwhelmed by a strange combination of heartsickness/sadness for someone I don’t know who did something that was indeed very, very sweet and cute. But the means by which she arrived at this sweet action are where the disgust comes in. No details, but all I can say is that there are some lines one should never, ever cross.

I am absolutely up to my neck in work and deadlines. I actually LOVE this kind of situation. The more work I have, the more I manage. Some part of me feels like I will never make it, never finish, but then I do and still manage to do more. And even find time for the stress-relieving activity of baking and further self-abuse at the ‘hands’ of the hula hoop.

I will post baking pictures tomorrow (or on the weekend) — made more of the brownie cookies I first tried out last week as well as lemon cookies, Anzac biscuits and Daim cookies.

Meanwhile, here’s today’s soundtrack even though it’s not one of my normal kinds of things. It is more a song attached to memories and people than it is a song that is important to me for the sake of the song itself.

Duffy – “Warwick Avenue

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