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In 2008, as I think my heart was crushed and squished more than once, one prominent musical role was played by Sam Phillips. My 2008 soundtrack reflected this.

Tonight, one particular song that prompted quiet tears again and again while I sat as the lone Paris to Reykjavik passenger in business class on a 2008 early spring afternoon Icelandair flight, triggers a similar resignation and the vague sense that history (subtly) repeats.

“We can’t fix what’s broken/so let’s leave it here/and walk on/I’ll be right behind you…”

Sam Phillips – “Love Changes Everything

“Love changes everything/I’m not sorry we loved/but I hope I didn’t keep you too long…”

“I’ll always open my hands to you/I’ll be right behind you…”

2 thoughts on “evening soundtrack – supplemental

  1. gargoyle38

    How difficult to remember those precise moments when whatever you had lived for and whatever glued together things, is all gone away and can't be fixed….That raises the obvious set of question, beginning with what next, how to repair, how to emerge in some meaningful way from ground zero and reconstruct yourself so you endure to live again with genuine feeling and not programmed response and brave little shows at being alive….I hope you find, all the parts are there, and do work, and the spirit re-enters the body again, safe from being in the ground or in the air, or in a shrine to all the lost selves you know, or where ever it stays safe in the time between loves….Who has hurt, cannot but be afraid. Fortunately, all love is not the same, or we could have long lines just to throw ourselves off mountains.

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