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I am housesitting now, staying in the west side of Oslo at a friend's flat. Today is the only day we are likely to see of summer in Oslo. It was a beautiful walk from the office to get here. It made me not mind so much that I had to work on Excel data and make graphs this afternoon. My soundtrack for the whole walk to the apartment was the much-loved Different Class album from Pulp. As I have written about before, it is not so often that I listen from start to finish to one album. Different Class is one of those albums. Despite actually having some less-than-stellar news in the afternoon, I still felt content wandering out into the sun. It's dampened now and I am starting to feel the weight of impatience and insignificance bearing down on me. (I will watch yesterday's episodes of The Daily Show and The Colbert Report now. The day before yesterday, Colbert hosted Grover Norquist, someone I don't like at all. On the other hand, I dig the name "Grover".)

From Different Class, here's the closing track, "Bar Italia".

4 thoughts on “soundtrack du soir

  1. Lazeeitus

    . . very liked the Pulp bar italia vid . . yes v good lp and different clsss alright . . and that jarvis is good bloke really . . actually see him around town . .

  2. wolfeel

    I was also waiting on the French press to finish up in order to watch the latter of the two. Now both are finished, along with the coffee. I should be sleeping but keep listening to music.

  3. 0x29a

    Originally posted by wolfeel:

    (I will watch yesterday's episodes of The Daily Show and The Colbert Report now.

    Too funny.:lol: I just sat down to do the same. Just waiting on the coffee in the French press to finish first.:coffee:

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