Verdict: Hero in the making


Reporting back on the experimental cookies:

Samoa cookies: Most who ate them found them lovely enough to eat more than one.

Oat fudge bars: The espresso powder the recipe requires actually gives the chocolate layer a distinctly coffee flavor rather than just being present to enhance the chocolate flavor. Two separate and independent tasters (among those who actually talked to me) reported this outcome. These should perhaps be called mocha oat bars.

Flatteringly silly was the declaration from two colleagues that I am their hero for providing all these sweets on an otherwise dreary Monday morning.

4 thoughts on “Verdict: Hero in the making

  1. darkesthour

    I see, thats ok then 😀 Though the anonymous munchers should have sent you at least an e-mail to say thanks :whistle:

  2. wolfeel

    No, not really sad or ungrateful. It is just that I put most of the cookies on other floors of the building where people could eat them (and I was not located). Most of them were eaten anonymously. People who actually came into my office to eat some talked to me. 🙂

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