From Daim to dust


Smashing the hell out of solid Daim toffee candy using a rolling pin or other blunt instrument… well, there’s nothing like it for releasing pent up frustration. That said, it’s much faster, cleaner, quieter and less aggressive to use a blender or food processor. In the beginning of my Daim-baking life, I used my Philips stick blender. Then the motor for the blender burned out, and I was back to violence to turn my Daim into chunks and dust. (Sometimes I am lucky and have a bit of help on that front. Thanks, Inken!)

Having replaced my stick blender, I can again whir my Daim into oblivion. Or into something that looks disturbingly like bacon bits.

I am doing the prep work for a baking marathon next weekend for a work PR event, which includes the popular Daim cookies. Mostly making dough now, freezing it and getting it out Saturday for an all-day Sunday bake. Since I will be away from home all week enjoying another kind of mechanical whir (the dentist drill), I think prep work is a very bright idea. And I am full of bright, practical ideas. If you didn’t know it already, I am a doer, not a talker.

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