Little mouth of horrors and dentist job security


I have never been afraid of dentists. Generally once I go to one, it is such sweet relief that they offer from the pain I have been in. I have been going to dentists all my life, so weak are my teeth. Luckily, after a three-year break between dentist visits, my teeth are not as bad as I feared. I feared that there could be so much more going on than I knew about, but in fact, the problems are only the obvious ones (that stem from problems my former dentist in Iceland was supposed to fix before she canceled the appointments I had with her when I was traveling back to Iceland). It has taken a bit of an eternity to do anything dental because the few experiences I have had with dentists so far since moving to Norway and then Sweden have not gone well. In an emergency I might consult these dentists but as a matter of course, I will not. There are not many options, actually, in the rural area of Sweden where I live, and in the end, I came to lovely Trondheim, and the weather is spectacular (a bit chilly, which I like, but absolutely beautiful).

In terms of dental work, what is coming feels and seems reasonable, so I don’t feel quite so overwhelmed.

The best part is that I baked a bunch of cookies to bring to the dentist. I know it sounds crazy to load up a box filled with sugar to give to a dentist, but what can I say? (He reports that he likes it if I give sugar to the world because it creates job security for him.)

Soundtrack du jour, in honor of my teeth-focused days: Sweet 75 – “Oral Health”

“My teeth hurt anyway… Your pain is nothing to me.”

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