Electricity, electricity


Windstorms have lashed Sweden and Norway … managed to survive without a power outage until today. Sometime during the day, the power went out and stayed out a good few hours. I was spending the day in bed anyway, so it did not really make a big difference, but in the non-bed (and even during the bed) hours, we were watching a lot of Ken Burns's The War documentary series as well as the entertaining Downton Abbey.

Now, with predictions of more wind on the way, I've stocked up on candles and cooked what I could in advance. This winter is totally different from last, in which snow was piled high and mercilessly falling and temperatures were -30C for sustained periods. This time, we are in positive temperatures, seeing a little bit of rain but mostly it is just wind causing havoc, trees falling, etc. But I cannot complain. It has been an easy enough time chez moi.

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