Shout outs and baking doubts


My baking doubts were set to rest. The messed up Nutella PB cookies went over well with those who enjoy those flavors. By far the most popular of the cookies: chocolate mint.

The funny thing about my cookie offerings is that there are some days when people are startlingly indifferent/complacent about it. They don't seem to care that there are cookies. This time, when I expected a lukewarm reception, people seemed genuinely excited. Cookies in the canteen disappeared long before lunch (that's a first) and people I never see wandered down into my pretend office (never happens), citing "rumors" of particularly amazing cookies. ?! Hmm.

Beyond that, I was hit by a strange, strong dizzy spell and sense of ill-being, so I decided it best to drive home while still daylight and before afternoon traffic hit. I tend to be the sort of person who gets a lot of things done but if they involve visiting public offices or car garages, I will put them off as long as I can. In this case, my check engine light went on in my car this morning, and I decided there is no time like now to see if I can take care of it. I left the office in this semi-dizzy state and stopped at the Subaru dealership in Follo. I want to give a big shout out to the service center staff there. They were efficient, helpful, friendly and quick. They checked out my car in under ten minutes and told me what I need to do and reassured me. It was about a million times more positive than all my Subaru dealership experiences in Sweden so far (one of the very few times I can say that I was more impressed by something in Norway than in Sweden — bad service and total negligence on the Swedish side). I do not have massive, high expectations in terms of customer service after having lived in these places for so long — but when I do get some decent service, I am greatly appreciative. Thanks for making my afternoon so much easier, Birger N. Haug car dealership.

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  1. emanchado

    Argh 🙁 I just tried one I got in reception, and wanted to pay you a visit… but was crazy busy until around 15:00… but then you were gone :-(Next time 🙂

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