the face


I am watching a live stream of the Golden Globes and found some facial expressions of audience members to be rather comical. Melanie Griffith's face was actually frozen in place, presumably from all its plastic surgery. Her husband, Antonio Banderas, to whom the camera cut during Madonna's acceptance speech, had this sort of clueless expression on his face like he was concentrating very intently to try to understand what was being said. I wonder if he sits around regretting being married to Griffith?

I was a bit puzzled by the Kelsey Grammer win for the show Boss. Tell me, has anyone ever watched Boss? Particularly compared to the career-best performance from Bryan Cranston in Breaking Bad, it is hard to imagine how Grammer won. (It was also a bit annoying that the award presenter, Paula Patton, called him "Bryan Cranson".)

But I am elated that Idris Elba won for Luther!

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