Preparing for stuffed love


A long list of stuffed cookies awaits my attention but for the moment just chopped onions to make more pumpkin curry soup. I don't know what I have done to my neck, but I can't seem to turn my head either way. Pain.

We shall experience Oreo-stuffed chocolate chip cookies, peanut-butter-cup-stuffed chocolate chip cookies, pumpkin-cheesecake-stuffed snickerdoodles… others, too, but these are the things in mind right now. It is nicer to think of these things than to think of windshield wiper blades and other such practicalities. (These things always make me wish I were not alone.)

I took my car to the dreaded bilprovning (a car checkup where they check emissions and safety features and lights, etc.). Happily the car was fine, for all the good it does me since I plan to rid myself of this car quite soon.

Offers to contemplate, studies to undertake. What life path shall I take or shall I continue along the same one?

It will all be clearer once I can turn my head to the left or the right again. I planned to go to the office today, but I cannot drive without being able to turn my head. These are busy times, as well, so I need to spend all my time writing.

2 thoughts on “Preparing for stuffed love

  1. wolfeel

    Mr. Lee: How very disturbing of you to bring this up. Haha. No, I took a nap at my desk at work, which I suspect caused this pain and suffering.

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