Too much to do but taking on the anti-Valentine baking challenge, complete with soundtrack…


I rarely do anything without an appropriate soundtrack, so while running around maniacally to get things on the endless to-do list done and meet deadlines, appointments and commitments, I am listening to my anti-Valentine mix, Fuck My Valentine, and sorting out all the anti-Valentine’s Day baking plans. With everything I need to do, everywhere I need to go and all the people I suddenly need to see, fitting baking into the big scheme is going to be tricky. These are the kinds of challenges I love, though.

My plan:
Peanut butter cookies stuffed with Nutella filling
Chocolate chip cookies stuffed with Oreo cookies
Chocolate chip cookies stuffed with peanut butter cups
Oatmeal cookies stuffed with cream cheese filling
Snickerdoodle cookies stuffed with pumpkin cheesecake filling
Chocolate cookies stuffed Rolo (Smil, actually) filling
Jane’s brown sugar shortbread hearts

These should be made for sure, but I have designs on making white chocolate macadamia cookies (old standards), possibly some kind of lemon curd thumbprints (or a filled lemon cookie if I can devise a recipe that I think will work) and then even possibly two or three kinds of cupcakes. (I had a lot of fun with the cupcake overload last week. And besides, I love to stuff my colleagues with baked stuff, so why not?)

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