Valentine verdict


With a bright but cold sun blinding me no matter what room I sit in, I am swamped with work today. It has been that way for a couple of weeks, but it’s crunch time now.

I worried yesterday on my way to work that the snowfall would impede my travel. It was perfectly fine, though. I did not count on being impeded by inclement weather on the way home, though (roads were icy, snowy and not cleared yet, particularly on the Swedish side of the border). I also had a hell of a time on the drive because I did not realize before departing Oslo that my headlights were completely covered with salt and dirt, making it almost impossible to see anything unless I used high-beam lights. I should have stopped at some point and cleaned the lights off, but I could not be bothered.

The Valentine verdict, complete with its own Valentine soundtrack, is that my cookies were received in grand fashion. I am not sure I have ever seen the haul disappear so quickly before, which seems especially strange because I brought more cookies than ever this time. It is interesting, though not surprising, that everyone seems to have a different favorite, and it constantly reminds me just how different people are. Most people seemed to avoid the pumpkin-cheesecake-stuffed snickerdoodles (or rather, they seemed to avoid them because at one point, they were the only ones left), but an American colleague said they were, in his opinion, the best of all the cookies I brought. I had a lot of comments (from people I don’t even know) about the Oreo-stuffed chocolate chip cookies (another “hardcore” cookie, without a doubt). Even the experimental Nutella-stuffed peanut butter cookies received some praise (and I had the most doubts about that one, given its status as firmly experimental and the struggles I had getting the dough to be the right consistency).

The final list (Most of the recipes in the link, although not all):

Smil-stuffed chocolate cookies
Oreo-stuffed chocolate chip cookies
Peanut butter cup-stuffed chocolate chip cookies (use this recipe but stuff with peanut butter cups instead of brownies)
Pumpkin cheesecake white chocolate truffle-stuffed snickerdoodles
Cheesecake-stuffed oatmeal cookies
Nutella-stuffed peanut butter cookies
Jane’s brown sugar shortbread
Lemon meringue cupcakes
White chocolate macadamia nut cookies

As for “love, exciting and new, come aboard…” (are we missing the Love Boat yet?), Valentine’s Day was exactly the anti-Valentine, anti-climax I expected. I did have a blessing in that my awesome friend A and her baby came to visit briefly, which made me quite happy. So there’s plenty of love in the air. Just not the sappy, romantic kind.

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