Kitchen mishaps and misunderstandings


For almost a week, I was washing my dishes by hand because I thought my dishwasher was not draining. Then I realized today that it did not fully drain because the full cycle was not complete when I opened the machine. I thought I had heard the final "beep", indicating it was finished. But I imagined it and since then have been thinking I should call a repairman. Then I thought maybe I should just look at it again and realized, looking at the start buttons, I realized my mistake.

Today I was roasting carrots and garlic in the oven. I threw the garlic in a bit too early, perhaps, at too high a temperature. I heard a loud and disturbing noise and realized a bulb had exploded all over the inside of the oven. Brilliant. Comprehensive oven cleaning required… which perhaps was a good idea anyway, but not ideal timing.

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