Laziness of baking follow-up


I have baked about once a month since starting a new job – and the whole thing seems quite novel to the people with whom I work. It also seems that each time I bring all these baked goods to the office, they reach (and possibly even excite) a whole new group of people. This company is considerably larger than my last company, so each time I bake, new/different people from different departments discover the array of baking on offer. Also, it seems that every time I bake, some big meetings are taking place, meaning that people from our local markets in different parts of the world are also here to take part.

I used to be a bit more methodical about following up my baking with recipe and photo posting – but have been quite lazy.

Speaking of lazy, I actually bought one of those little gadgets that might be an “as-seen-on-tv” kind of things… one of those little tools that has a dedicated purpose with debatable use (you know, one of those things that sounds handy but makes you question, as you buy it, whether you will ever actually use it). But for me, even as I questioned myself as I bought it, it was a revelation. It’s a little gadget that hollows out the middle of cupcakes in order to fill them. I cannot describe what a time saver this has been – and has also provided the much-needed uniformity between cupcakes. Good investment.

Eventually I will follow up again, but for now, the list of what I offered this time is:

Cherry pine nut biscotti
Daim cookies
M&M cookies
Dark chocolate and hazelnut mini tarts
Carrot cake
Dulce de leche cake (the link explains how to make your own dulce de leche; failed to put the recipe for the actual cake up yet)
Kahlua cupcakes (I adjusted this recipe since last time I made it so this will be slightly different)
Vanilla cupcakes filled with lemon curd (I will supply the lemon curd recipe later; the cake recipe referred to is good for any kind of filled cupcake)
Brown sugar cupcakes with maple frosting and candied bacon
Aloha cookies
Nanaimo bars
Brownie cupcakes stuffed with peanut-butter-slathered Oreos and peanut butter frosting, topped with a peanut butter cup (probably a full day’s worth of calories in one cupcake)

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