Good goo of random gum: Soundtrack for life

What started off as a Halloween thing – making CDs of music — good or bad — that comprised the soundtrack of my previous year has become a much bigger effort, happening two or three times a year now. I make these seasonal soundtracks that I send out to friends with seasonal cards, etc. but also put the playlists up on Spotify – at least those songs that exist on Spotify.
There are always reasons behind the choices, so the track listing always provides some narrative (to be found in the blog posts). The Spotify lists are just lists of music – and if you were to only go to those, you would find yourself perplexed (without context) as to why I would choose some of the music there. Some of it, unequivocally, sucks. Cases in point – any French 80s crap, such as Laurent Voulzy or Daniel Balavoine. But these things made up memorable moments in my life that I had to capture.
Random Gum – Spring into Action – Mar 2019 – Feb 2020

Random Gum – Amusing Tongue of Procrastination – Jan-Feb 2019
Amusing Tongue complete listing
Listen to Amusing Tongue on Spotify

Random Gum – Missing Lionesses – December 2018
Missing Lionesses complete listing.
Listen to Missing Lionesses on Spotify.
Random Gum – Tex and Hen on the Ranch – November 2018
Tex and Hen complete listing.
Listen to Tex and Hen on Spotify.

Random Gum – This is Glasgow – October 2018
This is Glasgow complete listing.
Listen to This is Glasgow on Spotify.

Random Gum – Runaway Glaswegian rocking horse – September 2018
Runaway Glaswegian rocking horse complete listing.
Listen to Runaway Glaswegian rocking horse on Spotify.

Random Gum – Everything’s gone orange – August 2018
Random Gum – Cover up – I’ve got just enough to cover you – July 2018
Random Gum – Cherry Blossom Girl – June 2018
Random Gum – May I Come In? – May 2018

Random Gum – April’s Fool – April 2018

April’s Fool complete listing.
Listen to April’s Fool on Spotify.

Random Gum – Marching On – March 2018
Marching On complete listing.
Listen to Marching On on Spotify.

Random Gum – A Love Supreme – Anti-Valentine – February 2018
A Love Supreme complete listing.
Listen to A Love Supreme on Spotify.

Random Gum – Meow Mix – January 2018
Meow mix complete listing.
Listen to Meow mix on Spotify.

Random Gum –  Giving Thanks – November 2017
Random Gum – The Last Toast 2017
Random Gum – Sour Times of Summer 2017
Random Gum – Darling Buds of May 2017
Random Gum – April Skies/April Fools 2017
Random Gum – Spring into Action 2017
Random Gum – Winter 2017/Raising the Bar
Random Gum – Halloween 2016
Random Gum – Latent Love and Pre-Internet Days – Summer 2016
Random Gum – Nearly Lost You – Halloween 2015

Decayed Decade – Ten Years of Random Gum – 2004 – 2014

Decayed Decade of Random Gum (2004-2014) + Part Past Part Fiction 2015

Good Goo of Random Gum – Halloween 2014
Scottish spring – Troubled summer – Falling down – Getting up

Halloween Random Gum soundtrack – Better late than never

Anti-Valentine Signs/Spring Dump 2014
Listen to Anti-Valentine Signs/Spring Dump 2014 on Spotify.

Good Goo of Random Gum – Year-End 2013

Good Goo of Random Gum – Halloween 2013

Good Goo of Random Gum – Spring Forward/Summer Moving 2013

City Winter Good Goo of Random Love Gum Anti-Valentine 2013

The Drive-in Flea Market of Random Gum Halloween 2012

Muck of Spring – 2012

Good Goo of Random Gum – Fuck My Valentine 2012

More Good Goo of Random Gum – Halloween and year-end 2011

Good Goo of Random Gum – Wooded Summer 2011

Spring Fling 2011

Good Goo of Random Gum Halloween 2010

Moving Mix Winter 2010

Random Gum 2009 Director’s cut

Random Gum Halloween 2009 Official version

Random Gum Halloween 2008

Random Gum Halloween 2007

Random Gum Halloween 2006

Random Gum Halloween 2005

Random Gum Halloween 2004