RIP Philip Seymour Hoffman


Like most people who love cinema, I am devastated that we’ve lost a master – one of those guys who disappeared into his roles, even in the worst films. Nothing I write makes a difference or will be much different from what everyone else writes. It’s just that it is so rare that someone has that kind of talent and can move fluidly and effortlessly across his characters, in a body of work that included everything from State and Main to Happiness, from Capote to Synecdoche, New York and everything in between.

With the outpouring of grief following his death, the only remotely positive thing (which is, granted, not a positive) is being reminded of his entire body of work. With almost no missteps – even in crap like Patch Adams, his work was stellar – it was easy to forget some of his roles. And when he turned up in films, no matter what, you could always trust that he would bring something great to the table.

He’s going to be missed. “Calm down, and shut the fuck up.”

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