under the knife, under the gun


Nerves, nerves, nerves and nerves. Yes, by all means, have another cup of coffee (well, no, actually don’t). After all, early to bed, early to rise… will not necessarily make one wise but will get me where I need to go on time.

Driving north, the temperature is much, much lower. Not that much further north – snow on the ground and all. Driving on winding, country roads, I always find myself elated when I get long stretches all to myself with no other cars to impede my path. Usually I drive to work at 2 in the morning, and thus avoid almost all other cars. But coming back, it is usually evening – tons of cars who definitely view speed limits as “letter of the law” over “spirit of the law”. It is not even that I want to be a speed demon – when I am on the road alone, I don’t necessarily exceed the speed limit. I just don’t want to be stuck behind someone who is going exactly the speed limit (or less) and who has some kind of twisted love affair going with his/her brakes.


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