Clowning Around: The Coming Clown-Shortage Crisis


I am, being a bit afraid of clowns, freaked out because there was just a serious news report on Al Jazeera about the coming “clown crisis” in the clown industry because their numbers are declining. They interviewed all these professional clowns who were blaming media and movies who make clowns look weird and “scary” when they are (according to their “unbiased” self-assessment – ha) “actually fun, full of laughter and kids love us”. The reporter showed some statistical charts to show the dip in the number of registered clowns. Who the hell knew clowns were registered?? I suppose it is much like any other profession – but still struck me as funny.

From one of the world’s dumbest (but therefore silliest) movies, Real Men. Check out the shirt on John Ritter (RIP) and Jim Belushi‘s mullet!

“It’s a clown attack! Agents who’ve gone bad!” “Bad clowns?!”

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