Back to basics


I am at a place in my life where I feel like reinventing and throwing a lot of things away. I have done a lot of shedding over the years because I am a nomad and not terribly sentimental. Now that I own a house, it is easy to hang onto things that have no use, so I am sorting now. Must get rid of things that are just taking up space.

I was surprised to find an ancient MP3 player that my former boyfriend brought me from a US business trip – a big, heavy brick-like device – am surprised to find that it not only still works but still contains the 60GB of music I put on it long ago. Its huge storage capacity is the whole reason I wanted that particular device at the time. In a pre-Spotify, smartphone era, it was the easiest way to carry most of my vast music collection around with me.

I found a lot of paperwork, old mobile phones, things I had forgotten.

Stripping things down as much as possible. Bare bones.

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