The neighbor (who more or less handles the heating at my house unless something big is wrong) came by early this morning to try to fix it – it takes a few hours to take effect. I have my doubts. This means we need to get a plumber involved, and this cold nonsense will continue for at least a few more days.

The latest book I’ve completed reading is White Trash: The 400-Year Untold History of Class in America by Nancy Isenberg. Given to me by my friend Martina for my last birthday, I am only finally getting around to reading it now – in this reading frenzy with which I’ve begun the new year.

Many passages struck me, but none more so than:

“Why this fascination with the hillbilly? In 1949, an Australian observer described this phenomenon best. Americans had a taste for what he called a ‘democracy of manners,’ which was not the same as real democracy. He meant that voters accepted huge disparities in wealth but at the same time expected their elected leaders to ‘cultivate the appearance of being no different from the rest of us.'”

Sound familiar?

(As usual the English don’t come out looking great.) 🙂

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