Since I was not able to sleep anyway, I watched the live stream of the Academy Awards and was just going to turn it off at the end after hearing Faye Dunaway announce La La Land as winner of best picture for 2017. (The expected letdown – at some point I became so bored by the idea of La La Land sweeping it that I felt like almost anything else would be better.) Dunaway and Warren Beatty stumbled a bit before announcing La La Land, and I was doing something else so didn’t turn it off immediately. And then suddenly after making some of the standard thank you speeches, La La Land‘s producer ended up having to announce that no, actually, Moonlight had won. Beatty had been given the wrong envelope. It seemed at first like the La La Land producer was humbly praising Moonlight, as though it should have been the winner, but then it became clear, as he held up the card and envelope announcing the actual winner, that it read MOONLIGHT.

Gotta say – that was a surprise. And the way it happened, all that chaos, was entertaining.

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