I do sincerely hope all my UK-based people who are eligible to vote will do so. I wish I could. But it’s not my place/thing (no matter how much Scottish life I live).

Still, I would be a better informed voter there than I am at home in Sweden. I’ve spent a lot of time this year becoming acquainted with Swedish political parties and issues, but somehow I cannot muster up the excitement or passion (or anger) I feel about the UK or the US. Probably because, even if I don’t take this for granted, Sweden is already very much aligned with my beliefs, and this is not likely to change dramatically no matter who is voted into office. (Could be wrong.) But there just aren’t the same massive divides in this society as exist in the US or UK. In the US, I swear, half the people are so different from me and incomprehensible as to be from an entirely different planet …

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