Consider This Corruption
Mary Jo Bang
In the film concerning the cult
Of the living, the woman was taken.
Some people looked at her and said nothing
And some said one interpretation is that all action is

In the mind, a cluster of notions in depravity’s head
Independent of the dreadful invention
Of the magnetic temporary where a partition is positioned
Between right and wrong.

On the back of the partition,
On the aspect from which she and we are reading,
It is written: Everyone is reckless some time.
What will come next? There is no worse punishment

Is there than this other empty body:
The eyes half-closed, the canvas in back
whitewashed into a steady gaze. We are appalled
apparently. We are held up by a rug-covered table.

The gift is the effortless image of bent rebar lengths
Encircling a neck. Thank you.
We are for all intents and purposes broken.