Cats and more cats


I hate to say that I think humanity is beyond help, but most of the time I think this is true. When there are a handful of people hoarding obscene amounts of wealth, spending it on insanity, and ignoring the misery of the average person, and willingly exploiting him or her or them, I feel I can’t look any longer.

Therefore, I choose to look at cats. And see how best to contribute to their well-being on earth. I like to support God’s Little People Cat Rescue in Syros, Greece, and now you can see their work in the recent Netflix series, Cat People.

You can also actively donate to help them expand the sanctuary and support the health and well-being of the cats on the island. Every little bit, eh?

take a left here


Take a Left Here
Jess Rizkallah

i climb mountains with monasteries
named for the moon

and the moon whispers
a secret to the tides                There. That’s The Beginning.

Photo by CDC on Unsplash