september surprises


Dee LeRoy
Each year the tilt toward fall

Earth’s night turning from its Milky Way
toward dimmer worlds

sapphire sky pale to dark
pooling over hills

tinting aster and ironweed
the last morning glory whose indigo petals
open around a star.

A tree that looks green drops a yellow leaf
and afternoon’s blue deepens around it

as if what is lost remains close
to cushion descent.

One by one the days shorten.

Photo by Kai Pilger on Unsplash




Dee LeRoy
You kick it
off the porch
but it returns
soon enough
whiskers twitching
all the more eager
for admission.
So you let it in
name it
nurture it
learn to live
with the purring of it
heavy and warm
in your lap
its hooked claws
kneading your heart
with affection.

Photo by Emily Fletke on Unsplash