Baked goods: Milky Way confusions


"With a pencil and eraser/I've rewritten all your crimes."

Many years ago, soon after I started working at OMX, I started what I start at every job — the endless parade of bringing in baked goods on which my colleagues can gorge themselves. I trust that they can indeed gorge rather than just eat a polite bite. I always bake multiple varieties of things and bring bulk amounts. I get tremendous satisfaction from those who just keep eating and cannot control themselves.

In the early OMX days, I made a Milky Way cake. In the US, at least, it would be a Milky Way cake. But a Milky Way candy bar in the US is actually a Mars bar here. Milky Way here is a lot like… a Three Musketeers bar in the US (just the nougat, no caramel). So I guess what I will be making now is a Mars cake (and in the US, the Mars bar is nougat, caramel and nuts).

One OMX colleague was so in love with this Milky Way/Mars cake that he talked about it for years (essentially the entire time I worked there). I made it one last time to appease him, get him to stop begging for it. But then he did not show up at work to eat it. When I tried to make the cake another time, it overflowed from the pan and burned onto the floor of the oven. FUN TO CLEAN! This is not the kind of mess I like. I have been gunshy about trying that out again, but today I gathered all the needed ingredients and think I will bake it once more. Stay tuned for the results, coming soon.

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