Overbaked goods


Normally it does not happen to me: Baking failure.

But last night did it ever happen. A Mars cake that overflowed onto the floor of the oven. Anzac biscuits that just never quite worked out. It was disappointing enough that I just quit. I cannot even say I quit while I was ahead because obviously I had a pile of wasted ingredients and a mess to clean up.

"I'm feeling numb now/I'm feeling numb…"

I will post pics of the cake disaster later. And hope to get back on the horse this weekend.

I did not try baking again so far this weekend but am posting the pictures of the disaster from last week. See how the middle is sunken in and remains kind of a weird unbaked cascade of caramel. The underside (still in the pan) was actually baked perfectly, so I think it was just an overfull pan that caused this eruption. I will try again. Teddy advises us in his infinite wisdom to get back on the horse, so I will.

4 thoughts on “Overbaked goods

  1. wolfeel

    I am going to try the Mars/Milky Way cake again next week after I spend this week rebuilding my confidence. Haha.

  2. lindis

    Oh no! Better luck this weekend! 🙂 I actually manage to completely destroy a cake on Wednesday. First the custard boiled over the whole stove and then the cake itself was burned even though it was supposed to be in the oven 15 minutes more. I am not going to try that recipe again. 😥

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