Baked goods: Posten


I had the bright idea late Sunday night to bake a lot of cookies and mail them to our offices in Linköping, Stockholm and Taipei. (And of course to bring some to the Oslo HQ.) Some lucky French bastards were also included in this mailing but that is not the point. I know that the cookies made it more or less safely to Stockholm and Linköping in just 24 hours. We shall see about Taiwan.

One of the recipients thanked me and told me I am "amazing" (seems like hyperbole to me). "Amazing", as an adjective, when overused, feels meaningless. It almost makes me sad.

Someone who does not think I am amazing is the postal employee who had to handle my cookie mailing. She acted like she was so put out by my being there making her think about this stuff. Not everyone can be a happy postal worker or a sorceress of zip codes.

I will soon post the recipes (made Anzac biscuits, banana bread, oatmeal-raisin cookies and M&M cookies again).

One thought on “Baked goods: Posten

  1. lindis

    Amazing does often feel overused. It should be used when something practically is as best as it can get. I am so annoyed by the postal workers. I could go on and on about them. I hope your cookies makes it to Taipei safe!

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