“and it’s too late to wash my hands”


I had included this on my 2007 Halloween mix but came upon it again today. It’s not perfect as a song but brings up all the same thoughts and feelings it brought to the surface at the time (that is, to quote from the 2007 track listing, “the underlying thought that sometimes, you get so far down a certain path that you can’t stop it even though it is clearly the wrong one”).

“Would you lie to me? You thought I was wrong. You deserted me when it all went wrong. Would you lie to me?”

Soundtrack du jour: Electronic – “Forbidden City

“If I had the sense, I’d leave here tomorrow. I wouldn’t even bother to say goodbye.”

One thought on ““and it’s too late to wash my hands”

  1. gargoyle38

    Such deep thoughts about the desire to escape, but the forces that prevent it….It is like washing away poetry with vicodin and organic carrot juice: using one set of forces to neutralize deeper, personal ones….What is the bottom line, baker? Survival to bake another day?

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