Losing my cookies


Damn you, postal services of the world, does my bronze status as a stamp purchaser in Sweden mean nothing to you? Two packages of cookies have been lost. First, a parcel full of cookies meant for my colleague in South Africa… it's gone missing. And then a birthday parcel of cookies for my friend in Iceland. Also went missing in action but reappeared at my house as though it had not even been anywhere. It seems to have sat on the shelf in the Swedish pseudo-post office and … then they decided, "Ah, let's just give it back to her instead of sending it on to its final destination."

One day, of course, I will resume baking and may try to send new parcels of cookies to these fine folks.

Meanwhile, though, I am swimming in the murky waters of the Euro 2012 tournament. Tonight I am watching Greece-Germany via various internet live feeds, so my commentary varies from Spanish to Russian to whatever else eventually pops up. I can't in good conscience support either of these teams, but if I have to prefer one, I will go for Greece.

2 thoughts on “Losing my cookies

  1. ShallowMuse

    Oh gosh. Just safely assume that anything edible will never reach it's destination in SA. We have hungry postal pigs here, apparently. :rolleyes:

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