5 thoughts on “Inviting suggestions – Tell me what to bake next!

  1. wolfeel

    I will definitely make the Toblerone ones again – you are not the only one to say they are "full of win". 🙂 Red velvet is likely, too. Oreo truffles are so simple I am sure I will do it again… and we shall see about the others. But fruity cakes – yeah. I know you want those. If I had just been sprung from prison and it was my son's birthday, those would be the right circumstances for fruity cake.

  2. zoso

    If repeating is allowed, I realise I couldn't try half the recipes from last time, and many of them sounded really good:* Mini chocolate pudding pies baked into vanilla cupcakes* Crème brûlée cupcakes (

    )* Oreo truffles* Highly experimental red velvet cupcakes* Dulce de leche bundt cake* Banoffee cupcakesPlus, the brown sugar cupcakes filled with Toblerone candy were "full of win" so I wouldn't mind eating another one :-PFailing that, I'd choose something FRUITY. But you know that.

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