Killing with kindness and cupcakes – Looking for shows to see in 2013


My whole life, despite what this blog makes it look like, is not about baking. I am also mad for films and music. Since leaving Seattle what feels like a lifetime ago, I have not been that active about taking in live music, though. When really, really motivated, I will somehow conjure up the energy and will and propel myself into a venue. But it's rare. It was rare in Iceland but rarer still in my Norway/Sweden life. One of my resolutions in 2013 is to get out more. Living in the forest as I do it is a bit more difficult for me than for a swinging hipster just a skip or two down the street from all the music hotspots a city has to offer. But I am willing to make the effort and even to turn up to at least the smaller shows with cookies and cupcakes. *Some* traveling musician would want them, no? See, I really want a new audience. I have been testing out the same taste buds over and over again (not that they are complaining) and just feel like sprinkling the sugar far and wide. I feel a little bit inspired because I just saw that Tamaryn is playing Gothenburg and then Oslo in February – and I must, simply must, go.

As I was looking around for the good stuff, I looked for a soundtrack for the day (semi-reviving my little soundtrack du jour tradition of yesteryear) and stumbled on Jon DeRosa's gorgeous cover of The Chills's "Submarine Bells". And it is really hard to say something is positively comparable to the original because The Chills are amazing and "Submarine Bells" is nothing short of breathtaking (perhaps because I have so many memories associated it with it).

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