Commute Hell – Missing Snow Days


I live three hours from where I work. On a good day. Today was not a good day, and I knew it when I set out. I cleared my car of the piles of snow about an hour before I decided to leave (at the ungodly hour of 1:00 a.m.). It was already covered again, as was the path to the car I had shoveled twice already during the weekend. As I have said before, winter came very late to Sweden, but it came with a vengeance. Other people are very happy with this virtual avalanche; I hate it. I especially hate driving in it – which is why I set out so ridiculously early. I knew that the normal roads I drive would be covered in thick snow and that I would want to take the motorway, which takes me an hour west of where I really want to go. The trip took just over four hours, but it was mostly clear on the E18 and E6 roadways, which is more than I can say for the other roads I drove on.

There was one point that the road near my house was just bad enough that I considered turning around and going home. I held out hope amidst the fear that was driving my driving, so to speak, that the bigger roads would be clearer (they were) and that the route to Gothenburg would not be quite so treacherous.

Snow showers continue to be the forecast for the rest of the week. If ever I wished I lived somewhere else, this drive was it.

Bright side – I finished putting together my anti-Valentine soundtrack mix, so I had something to listen to and assess all the way here.

3 thoughts on “Commute Hell – Missing Snow Days

  1. My sympathy for this kind of driving: a new affiliate is 75 miles away, and if I just made a round trip, I am in the car 4 hrs to get there and back. A couple times a week has reminded me I have limits, and this winter was a tough one for blinding snows blowing across rural fields and nearly closed highways — wondering if I will be able to make the turn off, sliding around like crazy, wondering too if they will dig me out in the spring, my mind wanting to shut down, to think of anything else. But of course I had the full grip of the wheel and keep on going. Now, suddenly it is spring. It all seems like a bad memory except I hope to replace this affiliate with another before another winter. I am glad you made it, and continue to bake and create fantastic music collections.

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