Bringing bagels back – the great bagel caper


I will start off by saying that I have fallen a wee bit – dubiously – in love with the word “caper”. I had not given it a whole lot of thought in my life until recently when someone started using it in everyday life, e.g. “I am not interested in American football and that kind of caper.” This eventually prompted me to look the word up – having previously associated it primarily with pickled little berry things some of us eat and The Great Muppet Caper. I was entertained by the definition (“a frolicsome leap”, “a capricious escapade”, “an illegal or questionable act”).

Tonight’s caper – which, if successful, may lead to the actual consumption of… capers – involves the making and baking of bagels.

It is after all time for me to get back in the saddle with baking in general (I have not really baked since last year) and specifically with my second attempt at making bagels. I got all the “fixins” at the store today (you know, you need that high-gluten flour) and prepared my sponge tonight – it will be ready for full dough making in the morning.

bagel sponge! the blob! it's growing out of control!

bagel sponge! the blob! it’s growing out of control!

My first attempt, I guess, went fine. The final product was bagel-like, and I assume people ate them (because they told me they did). I did not eat them and did not witness anyone eat them, so it is also possible that these mythical eaters took the “bagels” (yes, quotes intentional), murdered people and then weighed down their bodies in the river using these so-called bagels. I just don’t know.

Not knowing, however, has not stopped me from pursuing bagel perfection and currying favor with some beloved colleagues.

A great update on this caper tomorrow when step two (the dough!) gets underway.

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