It has been said many times before that if you have to refer to yourself as a guru, you aren’t one.

Why someone would adopt the term and self-appoint as a “guru”, I can’t really explain… but it’s a damn funny word when it pops up here and there. (Apparently one of my brother’s commanding officers wrote that my brother is a “fitness guru” in his performance review. That cracks me up. Mentioning “commanding officer” reminds me of Jacques Prévert – “Quartier libre“. You know: “Ah good/excuse me I thought one saluted/said the commanding officer/You are fully excused everybody makes mistakes/said the bird.”)

I don’t want to call myself a guru, especially not after the incident a few weeks ago when I told someone I was “in awe of myself”. But given this lifelong blessing/affliction of being something like a therapist to everyone, I feel the urge to apply “guru” to myself just for fun. Just for today. Just because the sun’s out and I am loopy-level tired now.

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