swedish drivers


Drivers in Sweden need to learn to drive. All extremes. It is like they are either dangerous lunatics or totally timid chicken shits.

Where is the middle ground?

Tonight the roads were covered in standing water from the sudden rainstorm – torrential rain most of the evening. And then the wind – it was exceptionally bad. I have been in a lot of very windy, crazy situations, and this was really quite unpleasant. The Swedish drivers did not help the situation at all.

On a semi-related note, every single time I have stopped to get petrol, there is some asshole pumping petrol with his/her engine running.

Also, learn to use high-beam headlights, people. Seriously, they wait too long to dim them when they are in the oncoming lane, and then they turn them back on right at the moment when they blind you (wait two seconds until you are beyond the other driver’s direct line of vision!).

I drive too much. It’s clearly too much to bear. I envy those who do not drive.

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