Greecing the pa(i)n


I don’t doubt that the situation in Greece is serious. But I also don’t doubt that I am one of many who feels a weariness about this topic that makes me feel completely indifferent to the details. Every single day is a “this is a do or die” or “we’re at the brink”… but every single day seems to be another step, another reprieve and another step toward going back to the table. I don’t doubt that all of this is a problem for Europe and financial markets and whatever else – I won’t even bother to analyze or find the proper terminology for it.

Weary indifference hearing the same “Greece may be kicked out of the eurozone” talk.

But what is difficult to accept, and where light is only partly shone, is on average Greek people suffering the effects of the uncertainty and the long-term austerity measures. This is the part that is most heartbreaking.