Lunchtable TV Talk: Tut, Zoo and Game of Thrones – Stuff I Never Planned to Watch


Sucked into more television shows than I care to admit, I find that I see the same actors’ faces again and again, all at once. This time, it’s Nonso Anozie. I suppose I’d seen him in smaller parts in films before, but suddenly he has appeared in three things I never intended to watch. The binge watching of Game of Thrones, and right now, in the outrageous and rather stupid Zoo (I decided to watch because I love James Wolk and give whatever he’s in a try) as well as this miniseries, Tut. I have nothing really to say about any of this – I got sucked into GoT, but the other shows just pass the time – and Tut, of course, is just a miniseries that disappears almost as soon as it appears.

Also, I just realized that one guy I have seen everywhere of late – including Tut – is Iddo Goldberg. Most recently, but sort of unrecognizably in Salem, and also in Peaky Blinders. Again, all things that I would never necessarily have set out to watch out of real desire. But these things were there, and familiar faces are everywhere.