Cheese, glorious cheese: “A nice amount of cheese”


Check out this hideous 80s commercial about cheese – glorious cheese. The song came to mind, but the commercial eluded me. Dear heavens… the discussion of “real cheese” (versus what? Cheez Whiz and other non-real cheese alternatives?) makes me laugh. Painful.

Recently I came into a lot of cheese. I found some extra mature cheddar, found some stuff like Swiss Emmental and French ComtĂ©, made some homemade paneer… and then my friend came to visit (an Italian woman who lives in Iceland) and brought Italian stuff – Grana Padano, Asiago and some others. My goodness the Asiago was amazing. I do not normally have such an insane abundance of cheese at home.

Never enough, never too much. Always a “nice amount of cheese”.