Lunchtable TV Talk: Zoo


I write often, recognizing the hyperbolic quality of my claims, that one show or another is the worst show ever. But you can trust me when I write here and now that Zoo is THE WORST SHOW EVER. It makes no sense, has the worst plot, terrible acting from much of the cast… it is just outlandish. This week, watching Billy Burke deliver the line, with all seriousness, earnestness and urgency, “We need that sloth” was just the final blow in declaring this the worst. I love James Wolk, but I can’t watch – not even hate watch – any longer. It is just too bloody stupid. And the worst part? It has been renewed for a third bloody season while really unusual and promising shows like BrainDead are on life support!

Photo (c) 2007 Jean-Marc Astesana

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