Jesus the man


This is one reason why I am not interested in any church, mosque, synagogue—any kind of organization. Because I have no interest in subsuming my beliefs and practices into what a group of men somewhere have decided I’m supposed to believe. The great Christian mystic Meister Eckhart once said “if you focus too narrowly on a single path to God, all you will ever find is the path.” I take that to heart.”

I am not religious, will never be. I recently finished reading Zealot (Reza Aslan) about the life of Jesus of Nazareth and enjoyed it (academically). Seems appropriate for this time of year.

But then religion and the negatives it can introduce brings to mind a quote from Age of Anger:

“Constant cautioned that ‘there is no limit to tyranny when it seeks to obtain the signs of consensus’.”

True of politics, but also of the opiate of the masses.