Who wants to live forever?


The States
George Tsongas
it’s an
place, where
no one enjoys


but they
all want
to live


Yesterday, going through various blogs and news outlets, there were so many articles on aging, the mind and how to live better for longer.

  • Reverse the age with exercise, particularly dancing.
  • Listen to soundwaves to enhance deep sleep, which tends to dissipate as we age, and thus improve memory.
  • And most of all, extend life: “Unless we target aging itself all we can hope is that we switch one disease for another.”

I realize that this whole living forever, staying young thing is kind of a Boomer thing/obsession, mostly. They do not want to go away quietly.

I do not want to live for any artificially long time. I am in the majority, I think, when I say I would like to live as best as possible for as long as I live, so I take measures to do that. We all want to ensure a healthy mind and youthful vigor for as long as possible. But does that mean I should want to be 120 or 150?

If our lifespans were to be lengthened, how would our brains need to adapt to cope with that? Not that they could or would not – it’s just that today, if aging itself brings on disease and decrepitude, and we fight just to keep the most minor signs at bay, how would we evolve (I suppose that is the key – evolving rather than some magic bullet) to accommodate such a long life? What would take on meaning and importance (and what would lose it)?

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