Holiday baking plans


It does not matter what “holiday” it is, despite the Sarah Palin and Bill O’Reilly rants about the “war on Christmas”. I am only interested in making people eat more sugar and fat!

War on Christmas – The Daily Show

I’ve got plans. I don’t know if this will be a to-do list I manage to succeed at completing –but I will give it the old season’s greetings and holiday spirit (um, yeah…) and try to make as much happen as I can.

Preliminary plans:

Brown sugar cupcakes with maple frosting and candied bacon topping (not holiday-ish but promised to a colleague visiting from out of town)

Brown sugar heart with raspberry jam

Christmas M&M cookies

Russian tea cakes/Snowballs

Gingerbread men


Candy cane cookies

Chai chocolate cookies

Cranberry pistachio biscotti

Christmas red & green snickerdoodles

Green tea matcha shortbread with cherry

Spiced biscotti

Chocolate truffles

Raffaello cupcakes

Christmas sprinkle shortbread

What more? I know there should be more!