December has never been like this before.

Snowless, mild, clear and sunny every day. Awash in untold volumes of new music, the ears feasting on constant new sound. Afloat on seas of shared poetic waves and shared everything else, that has still somehow left me adrift in conflicted/conflicting feelings that have me reeling. Awaiting resolution of some kind, not knowing if any will come.

And still there is a new year ahead; I am counting the minutes. I have never so eagerly watched the calendar, waiting as the days tick by so slowly. After all, this kind of time, marking one year and arbitrarily moving to the next, is meaningless. This year it feels like it needs to be closed. Shut tight. Every year has its ups and downs, but nothing has been like 2o16 on a personal and more ‘global’ level in terms of shocks, losses, horror shows and the sprouting seed of fear for the future. I may want this year to end desperately but don’t know what the next one holds so can only focus for the time being on my own little bunker, life, corner of the world and concerns.

And, as the new year creeps up on us (please hurry), I hope anyone reading this will do the same – care for yourself and your loved ones and go from there. That’s the best I can hope for right now.



Out with the old


Finally a new year is upon us. I write “finally” even though 2015 could not have gone faster. It feels like this time last year was just last week.

I have written enough “end-of-year” recaps. Don’t feel like writing more “reflections”. I have come to hate the word “reflections” or any variation of it, “I reflected”, “I had a reflection”. It comes up constantly in corporate workshops, and it has lost all meaning.

It is not that you or I should not reflect. Just… keep doing it continually and consistently, all the time. A new year is as good a time as any to take stock, but why only then?

Happy new year. Await instructions… or people bring me some coffee. Thanks!

On your marks, get set…



“Nothing tortures you like what could have been…
But I don’t know anything about you anymore.”

-Robyn Hitchcock, “Harry’s Song”

Sometimes things that start as fun end up being agony. They may even start out with a bit of agony, but if you have a bent toward self-torture, as I sometimes do, you stick with these things through the agony just because you feel you have to see it through to ask, “Can this get any worse?” In the midst of the moments of unhappiness punctuating everything, the agony is unfelt. Later, the agony of the moment is suddenly remembered and felt acutely.

I feel a great need for silence and solitude, but some part of me is not content with that. Disturbing this silence willingly, I spontaneously jumped up and traveled away from my quiet refuge to do the very opposite of what my nature dictates. So far, so good. I want to ring in the new year going against the grain.

While I often do feel uncomfortable in large crowds, in noisy surroundings, I imagine that there are times when I take the shortcut – that is, shutting everyone and everything out – and in turn shortchange myself. I imagine I have always been this way – my mother tells me that even as a baby, I liked to be surrounded by people and activity but I did not want to be a part of it. I wanted to observe it, doing my own thing. This has not changed. I look back and also realize that my multitasking, impatient nature has also shortchanged me. I recall activities I did in second grade (when I was 7) that I hurried through as fast as possible because I wanted the sensation of being finished. It was for this reason that a puzzle-building activity I completed was sloppy and my handwriting was the most dismal thing in the world. This continued all through my education, from reading the entire seventh grade social studies text within the first week of school and completing all the assignments that same week, to rushing through my BA degree in 2.5 years instead of 4. From the earliest moments, I felt this need to rush through things, devour more things – and I now think I was, as I still am, running away from something. But what was I running toward?

It is not as though the road I took was “the easy way” – in fact, in many cases, it was much harder than if I had plodded along slowly, at a normal pace.

All these years, I made many decisions and have landed somewhere where I am basically content. At least I was before 2013. I think 2013 has been the worst year I can remember having. After the useless and painful parts of 2013, I can only hope that 2014 will be a better year – for me, and for everyone.

Happy new year!