October baking ambitions


While it all comes down to potent cocktail of motivation, time and ingredient availability, I intend to do another big bake pretty soon.

The sure things:
Dark chocolate hazelnut mini tarts
Samoa cookies
Mini cheesecakes with Oreo crust (or Oreo truffles)
Oatmeal lemon cream bars
Caramel apple crumble bars (or apple-caramel-pecan mini cheesecakes)
Kahlua coffee cupcakes
Dulce de leche bundt cake
Oatmeal whoopie pies with brown butter buttercream filling
Earl Grey dark chocolate cupcakes

Other potential ideas:
Tiramisu cupcakes
Maple bars with maple bacon
Mini piña colada cakes
Banoffee cake
Crème brûlée cupcakes
Mini chocolate pudding pies in vanilla cupcakes
Toblerone cupcakes
Matcha lime shortbread (I need to get my hands on matcha powder! Where is the green tea asshole when you need him?)
Saffron vanilla snickerdoodles (from the incomparable 101 Cookbooks)

2 thoughts on “October baking ambitions

  1. The search bar is working fine. Since I have never made tiramisu or written about it in this blog, of course you cannot find tiramisu here in this blog. The search bar only searches through my blog entries, not the entire internet. Sorry.

  2. James

    Thanks for adding the search bar but it doesn’t appear to be working properly. I typed in tiramisu and it brought me to this entry. Am I missing something?

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