Kinky things to do with Oreos


Okay… maybe that title is misleading. All I did was grind up Oreos in a food processor, mix them with cream cheese, roll this concoction from messy, sticky blob into neat little balls and roll the balls in grated chocolate shavings. Et voilĂ  — Oreo truffles! Easy. Not particularly kinky, but… maybe the idea of rolling balls between the palms of one’s hands (covered in chocolate) brings out the kink in someone’s mind!

Oreo truffles
375g Oreo cookies, crushed/ground in a food processor
250g softened cream cheese
small block of chocolate, grated

Crush Oreos, pour into a bowl of cream cheese. Mix well. Roll into balls (you can chill the mixture for a while if you want to but this mixture can be handled without chilling first without making too much of a mess).

Roll balls in chocolate shavings. Chill.

This will probably make about 25 to 35 medium-sized truffles.