Baked out


I decided to spend this weekend doing mostly only things I want to do even though there were certainly things I should have done instead (work and school related). It has, however, been so long since I just focused on doing what I feel like doing that it just seemed like a smart idea. Among the plans was the intent to "sleep in" – of course when you plan to sleep in, your body won't cooperate. I kept waking up at 5 a.m. Ugh. Oh well. I don't recall what else I did, other than bake and sing along embarrassingly (both because I can't sing and due to the volume at which I undertook this questionable activity) with The Supremes (among other things – ah yes, now I remember – my other activity this weekend – making the final compilation of my Halloween 2012 annual soundtrack… unbelievable that it is already time to deal with this).

Change is in the air. The obvious change of seasons, yes, but other changes are afoot (I write a lot about change, which must indeed paint me as a bit obsessive). It cannot be helped. Events unfold in certain ways (completely out of one's own control) that change one's intentions and plans – being a change-focused person, I am pretty nimble about that. Major shifts in what's coming may not make me happy, but I am always ready for whatever comes.

One constant, though, is the baking. I managed to make licorice cupcakes, Guinness cupcakes, red velvet cupcakes, brown sugar cupcakes stuffed with Toblerone, brown sugar shortbread, dulce de leche cake, carrot cake with a brownie layer between carrot layers, Kahlua coffee cupcakes, dark chocolate hazelnut mini tarts, Oreo truffles … there might be other things, but I don't remember now. I have a list of other things I want to make still… a few types of bar cookies, maybe a couple of kinds of regular cookies, one or two types of cupcakes, another cake. But I may transfer some of those (pipe) dreams to another day. We shall see.

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